Praise for Hidden Faces of the Grand Canyon

This is a fascinating book that delves deep into the Grand Canyon. I learned a lot of history while enjoying a time-travel mystery. I appreciate that there are a lot of references in the bibliography that I can pursue. I also loved the photographs that corresponded to certain parts of the story. The adventure jumps to different time frames, but it is easy to follow, and I loved the juxtaposition of past, present and future. It kept me reading to see what would happen in the next segment. Thoroughly enjoyable story! ~By Joni A.

This is an fascinating story about a journey into the depths of the Grand Canyon in the physical realm but it is really a metaphor for a journey into the subterranean layers of the psyche and realms beyond the psyche as we know it. It is a journey of the soul into archetypical as well as archeological layers which is the focus of what the main character sees and studies in the Grand Canyon and beyond. The peregrinations between the internal and external realms as well as wanderings into realms beyond what is ordinarily known leads to an alchemical discovery of gold. A very important story with very real implications.~ By M. Houser

The Hidden Faces of the Grand Canyon by Dominique Severina is a wonderfully written Adventure woven from the future and the past. Severina uses her vast knowledge from her immense background of Archeology, healing Arts and vision to travel thru many dimensions in space and time. A very enjoyable read and am looking forward to her next adventure.~By Lilly O'Rourke

This book was a real page turner. Lots of attention to details. I felt as if I were in the canyon.  ~By E. Tidwell

I loved her verbage (ie "a pallette of possibilities") and the way she wove the prophecies into her story. A little bit of romance and a magical journey, I thoroughly enjoyed the ride! ~Amazon Reader

This is a wonderful read, with illuminating ideas that opened my mind to many possibilities. I strongly recommend the book. ~By Carla S. Settle

The Hidden Faces of the Grand Canyon - A Galactic Ascent is a fascinating story and a quick read. The complex intertwining of lives and significant characters kept me expectant and curious about the outcomes, plus wanting more. I'm looking forward to the next in the series. ~Lynne Cockrum-Murphy

In Hidden faces of the Grand Canyon, Dominique Severina vividly describes scenes that are both familiar and at the same time “out-of-this-world”. Through graphic depictions of the Grand Canyon, she shares her real experiences while weaving a story through the eyes of fictional characters. Masterfully, she blends the strangeness of a setting in the future with the comforts of our present life on Earth. I especially liked the juxtaposition of a space age kitchen where we can almost smell the aroma of old-fashioned coffee.

Even though I have not experienced a wild river ride on the Colorado River, I felt a connection to the grandeur of the place and many emotions from her colorful narration. Though a reader may be unaccustomed to some of the flights of fancy found in this book, this is a brilliant introduction to some very esoteric topics!

Do you like adventure tales that lead you to know new places?

Do you enjoy letting your imagination take over while reading?

The story brings in very real bits about history, archeological discoveries, caving and river rafting but will allow you to engage your right side brain, too.

One of my pleasures in reading is constructing in my own mind and heart the stories that others share. This author makes it easy to get to know the characters and places they traverse.
~ Martha Meacham, Ph.D. Story Circle Network Book Reviewer

Intriguing adventure through time with the engaging Mia! A mystery based on Earth's spectacular Grand Canyon, itself a composite of the ages of our planet. A journey backwards and forwards through time, and one of self discovery on many levels. Fast paced and satisfying, a book that invites the reader into realms strange yet familiar. 
~ June Bellew

Dominique Severina is a master story teller. The novel is a vision quest. I love her writing. It takes me right in. She seamlessly weaves different stories, travel and space travel, eras, inner and outer realities, science and mysticism. I think she's a true visionary. Brava! Ten stars. This is a must read.
~Lipman, 2013 Winner of the NM/AZ Book Award for Poetry Book, On the
Back Porch of the Moon.

This book is amazing. I saw things from the writer's eyes that I would have never imagined before. I need to explore the Grand Canyon again with new vision of my quest of it's beauty. Join me on lifes accent into our wonderful world.

Betcha can't read just ONE page. The book takes you to another space, time, dimension with every turn of the pages. Soul Travel explained clearly in words.
~Roberta Williamson